Why Choose Us

Why EZ as your travel partner?

Choose an established travel planner

Thanks to the support & faith that our clients have bestowed on us, EZ Holidays is now a well established travel company leaving a mark of presence at almost every corner of the world .The company arranges flights and travel solutions to a wide range of destinations suiting different budgets and requirements.

Logistics is our lookout You may just relax & enjoy

On our tours you are completely free from the hassle of booking your own accommodation, organizing your own transport, finding your own excursions with quality guides. We employ only the best staff with the most extensive local knowledge, so you can rely upon them to find the best places to go for dinner and drinks, according to your needs and budget.
We aim to provide you with all the essentials to make your travel trip as relaxing and easygoing as possible. Realizing the competitive market, our main goal is to emphasize more to provide competitive cost, but not compromise on quality as well. Thus, you will find the best value for your money with us.

See the world your way

We can offer you the adventure of a lifetime in a travel style to suit your needs.
Whether you want to meet as many people as possible along the way, or just keep it small intimate to give you that ‘friends on tour’ feeling, you will be able to see the world your way. We aim to cater to the wide range of wants and needs of ALL the different kinds of travelers out there. We also have the largest selection of destinations available to fit in with your holidays so you can be sure to find the right tour at a time that suits you.

Quality & Value you deserve

We take great care to ensure that our tours are the best value for money in the business, and we know that outstanding value means ensuring that all of the ingredients are right, not just the price. Many of the inclusions in our tours are the result of years of careful research to get the right balance of quality and adventure that is best suited to our travelers.
Our friendly and approachable staff has extensive regional knowledge and their expertise will help to lift your experience out of the ordinary. Our attention to detail and high level of service ensures our happy customers come back to us year after year.

Travelling solo isn't lonely Meet like-minded people and make new friends

While many people travel as a couple or with friends, around half of our travelers come on their own as they know they will meet friendly, likeminded people along the way. Over the years, many of our passengers have told us that they have made lifelong friends on their EZ Holidays tour. There’s no such thing as a solo traveler when you're on a journey with us because you won’t be travelling with strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet! Group travel can seem daunting to solo travelers but don't worry; our tour leaders are adept at helping to integrate newcomers into the group. You'll also have plenty of time to explore on your own if you prefer to go your own way during your free time.